Haldeman Construction understands that when disaster strikes, the homeowner needs an advocate throughout the process.  It is our commitment to be that advocate, and to assist you through each and every step of the complex repair process.

When your property suffers a loss, we take charge.  We immediately educate you about your options, and carefully explain the order of events.  There will never be a surprise!

STEP 1:  Emergency Service

If needed, Haldeman Construction will dispatch a team of emergency technicians to your home.  We offer board-up, roof tarps, temporary fencing, tree removal, and repair of vital utilities like plumbing and electrical.  Often times your insurance carrier will reimburse for these emergency measures.

STEP 2: Restoration & Contents

It is important for the homeowner to secure their home and mitigate any further damages from occurring.  Restoration (sometimes referred to as “Mitigation”) includes processes such as water extraction, clean-up, demolition, inspection for mold, and contents inventory.  Haldeman Construction can provide you with an excellent restoration services company, and we will work carefully with them throughout the project.

STEP 3:  Insurance Claims Process

Once your property is secure and restoration has been performed, your insurance company will typically have an adjuster visit your home and prepare a repair estimate.  Haldeman Construction has many years of expertise in the insurance estimating field, and we can work closely with your adjuster to ensure a fair and accurate repair scope.  We will also stay in close contact with your insurance carrier, to guarantee that your project moves forward as quickly as possible.

STEP 4:  Reconstruction

Once your adjuster has settled the claim, you will need a trusted and reliable contractor to rebuild your property.  Haldeman Construction understands the complexities of the reconstruction process, and is committed to providing the most remarkable customer experience possible.


Adjusters & Agents

Haldeman Construction takes pride in our cooperative approach to insurance claims.  We understand that working with the adjuster is the most effective way to provide an excellent policyholder experience.  Our insurance claims philosophy is very simple:

Offer Expertise And Knowledge
From investigating complex construction issues, to providing on-site inspections, to offering education on a host of industry concerns:  We work hard to make the adjuster’s job simple and efficient.

Write An Accurate Scope
We are very rigorous in writing fair, accurate, and judicious repair scopes.  Nothing complicated; just the facts.

Provide remarkable service
Haldeman Construction believes that communication and integrity are the ingredients to a great insurance claims experience—for both the homeowner and the adjuster.  We are always available, easy to reach, and respond quickly to any variety of needs.  This is what sets us apart!


Property Managers

Haldeman Construction offers special programs for property managers and investment homeowners.  If disaster strikes, we can have a system in place up-front.  This allows your business and personal tenants to get back into their homes and offices much more quickly.

We also offer maintenance and repair services for most apartments, duplexes, and commercial properties.  Please contact us for more details.