About Haldeman Construction

The Haldeman family has been a trusted name in the local community for two generations. With over 70 years combined experience, we bring quality, professionalism, and integrity to your construction projects. In fact, many builders and real estate agents in the area use various Haldeman projects as a benchmark for their own quality standards.  If you ask around, you’ll always hear great things about the Haldeman experience.

Our Remarkable Customer Service involves three simple guarantees:

  1. Communication: We pledge to keep all parties involved in pertinent decisions and important job details.  We will also make ourselves available to you at all times, and return your phone calls and emails the very same day.
  2. Education:  We believe in educating our clients, vendors, and adjusters about all construction issues, types of materials being used, special options to consider, and specific pros & cons of your repair job or remodel project.  The more each party understand the job, the better decisions they can make about how to proceed.
  3. Integrity:  We take pride in being fair and accurate, in everything we do.  We also insist on only the very best vendors, tradesmen, sub-contractors, and project managers.  Our quality shows, and you’ll see the difference.





The reconstruction process involves three parties: The Insurance Adjuster, The Homeowner, and The Contractor. Our philosophy starts with the notion of unity and cooperation among everyone, which always provides the best results. Ultimately, we sign a contract with the homeowner, and we work as their consultant and advocate. At the same time, we strive to create and build a positive, communicative relationship with the insurance adjuster. Working together as a team has proven to reduce construction timeframes by over 50%, and it practically guarantees that you’ll receive the most fair and accurate insurance settlement.


We believe in earning your trust and confidence from the start. And we understand that your home is your castle. This is why we insist on utilizing only those staff, tradesmen, and vendors that meet the highest of professional standards. Everyone on the Haldeman team is expected to meet rigorous experience requirements, background checks, drug screenings, and performance benchmark testing.


Why is it that so many contractors won’t call you back? Crazy, isn’t it? At Haldeman Construction, we understand the importance of communication. That’s why when you call our office, you will talk to a real person… real quick.